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Are you always tinkering, trying new things, and learning? Then you might make a great Hippo.

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Our teams come first in everything we do here. We believe that people who work well together and who drive themselves to make something awesome have a greater chance of succeeding. The next step is to just give them what they need and step out of the way! Our culture is one of our strongest values, and every new person we hire meets everyone in the studio before they join our team.


What would you do if you started your own studio? Who would you hire, and what would you make? We strive to give everyone this power, and handle the business parts while our teams get to focus fully on making great games, on their terms. This is career growth, unbridled. You set the pace.


We believe that our employees should feel directly tied to the company’s success. What better way to encourage our team to take on new risks, when they can benefit from the rewards? Our bonus structure isn’t part of any annual performance review, it’s a core part of our culture.

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