Hyper Hippo Entertainment

Power to the people!

We’re a studio that loves to try new things, learn from getting things wrong, and celebrate the things we get right! Everything is an experiment, and we’re never satisfied with just doing things the “normal” way. People are more important than products, and listening to our players is the most valuable way to measure and learn about the games we make. We’re always making new experiments, or revisiting old ones, and everyone is encouraged to try their idea next. Why not? We’re fiercely autonomous, and run every project like a start-up–after all, any new idea could be the next big one, so let’s set it up for success! Hyper Hippo is a lifestyle–but that doesn’t mean a bunch of overtime–it means pushing yourself to be the happiest and most driven in everything you do, inside the studio and out.

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Our studio at a glance

Hyper Hippo is made up of 60+ of the most talented game makers in the world!

Our games have been featured by Apple, Google, & Steam over 50 times!

Over 25 games shipped to web, mobile, and console since 2014.

AdVenture Capitalist has been awarded Game Of The Year by Facebook & Miniclip.

Over 250 game tests and experiments produced. Only the best survive!

We work where we want to

Originally headquartered in Kelowna BC amongst the lake and mountains, our team is quickly expanding across the Pacific Northwest and beyond. While we love to gather together for in-person collaboration and team events in our hub cities of Kelowna, Vancouver and Seattle, we live by a “digital-first” workplace strategy. This allows us to have it all – big-city bustle, activities for families, outdoor adventures and more!

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